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Job Offer - Programmer [Paid]Need Programmer for multiplayer Zelda-like battle game

I am an artist and game designer looking to hire a programmer.

A quick overview of what I'm looking for:
- Complex movement systems that incorporate momentum, acceleration, knockback, tile interaction, depth, etc. (like Pixelated Pope's Movement and Collision system)
- Character state systems (like Pixelated Popes True State system)
- Hitbox systems that effect (player to player) (player to environment) (player to weapon) (weapon to weapon) (weapon to environment)
- 12 player gamepad support
- Menu system for altering player traits and gametype settings (similar to Halo's custom game settings)
- Light RPG character stats and player inventory​

Networking is something I'd like to incorporate down the line, any experience there is a plus.

I can provide more information and specific details in a private chat.

Please send your portfolio and rates to:
Anthony Pismarov