Job Offer - Artist [PAID] Looking for artist for project


I am working on a project that I would like to push to a marketable, publishable level. While I do have some art ability, I quite frankly don't have the patience to get the quality I want and it is holding up my programing features into the game. I want to get the art together for a presentable demo. I am looking to pay an artist that is will to start working though the material I need and would be available continue to work on the project as the list will expand to get a full demo and to get the game done in its entirety.

As far as art style, I am not a big fan of "jaggies." I am a little flexible on style but I am not trying to be super retro.

I write software and design IT systems for a living so please excuse if my list is a bit crazy detailed. I am still at a decent point to be somewhat flexible if there is some artist concerns I am not thinking of:
Characters 64x64

Tank Sword and Shield Female

Animations Walk, Block, Attack, Shield Charge, Death

Mage male

Animations Walk, Cast, Death

Assassin male

Animations Walk, Jump, Attack, Death

Druid female

Animations Walk Cast, Death

DragonKin Melee Sword and Shield

Animations Walk, Block, Attack, Death

DragonKin Caster

Animations Walk, Cast(maybe a fire breathe instead of cast), Death

Characters 32x32

Fairy Female

animations Flutter

Tile set 48X48 (RPG dungeon tiles)

Floor (decent contract with walls)

Walls Front facing, top down

Misc Sprites

Bridge 96X64 (open close animation)

Movable block (something interesting locking I tried to make a statue but with force perspective it looked wonky) 64x64

Jump spot (will indicate you can jump from here needs to indicate direction of the jump right not I have over sized footprints. Not 100% on it. Looks out of place to me) 64X64

Floor Switch off/on

Wall Switch off/on

Finish Marker 96X96 (activity animation will teleport your party to the next level “You must gather your party before venturing forth”)

Fireball (animated) 64X64 collision wise anyways
Treasure Chest (open/closed)


Party Buttons 96x64 (will be the selector and display basic info about the characters like most modern mmo's)

Skill button 64X64 (will push for character skills)

Block, Shield Charge, Fire, Counter Spell, Resurrect, Morph, Back Stab, Jump
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