Job Offer - Programmer [Paid] Looking for a programmer on a platform game



Hello peeps,

I'm looking for a quite experienced programmer to develop a PC platformer game with some quite unique mechanics. I'm also willing to pay for the job or split the revenues from the game.

I'm also a programmer and designer but i feel like I need another partner on this so that the game will get the "attention" it diserves. I'm also having a video showcasing the main mechanics but sadly i'm not so open on sharing the main concept here so please give a PM if you are interested in a collaboration and will share the video after.

Would be nice if you could add this info in you're PM:

Free time to work on this project:
Some projects you've been working on:

Thanks guys for you're interest and we'll chat more inside PM.Wish you all the best!


My details
Name: Shubham Bansod
Country: India
Free time to work on this project: Full Time
Some projects you've been working on: Links available in my portfolio.

Here is my portfolio

I have a 6+ years of experience in game making and worked on various projects and have a lot of satisfied clients.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Shubham Bansod
PM Sent :) thanks for you're interest!