Job Offer - General (PAID) Developer needed



Hi there, I'm looking for a developer for my project. This post is for a FREELANCE work-for-hire contract.

THC is a 2D puzzler to be developed for Facebook games (HTML5), and iOS (universal app for Ipad and Iphone).

Minimum requirements:
  • Developer needs to have previous experience with creating HTML5 and iOS games, as well as being able to implement Facebook’s Game Requests, Analytics, App-to-User Notifications, and invites among others; and...
  • have experience with IAPs and be able to set up payment systems.
If you made it up until this point and you still can say "hey I can do this!" then please ask me for full documentation which I'll provide upon request (simply post here if you want more info, include relevant links)

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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