Job Offer - General [PAID] Board game companion app


Looking for someone to help build out core functionality for a companion app to be used with a dungeon crawl board game. It will need to load quest/encounter data (xml, json, or whatever format is easiest to work with), have a screen for quest selection, and generate dungeon layouts and encounters for each room based on the data for the quest.

Pay is negotiable depending on timeframe and the amount of polish provided. If you are interested, please send me message or reply here with your email and I can send you the design doc with more specifics.

I just saw your post on the forum that you are looking for a programmer! I'm Interested and wants to work with you on your awesome looking project!

Here is the link to my Portfolio :


Also, I have recently worked on some games also which are not included in the portfolio, I'll send them If you want to have a look!

About Me!
I'm a Serious Game dev here, I work on per hour basis and my rates are $15/hour which is I think is good for a person like me with 10+ years of game dev experience and lots of satisfied client and games, but I'm always open for negotiation! I take payment at the end of the week and take a little security deposit upfront (~$50) which will get reduced from last payment we'll make! This will make sure we both are serious and confirm the contract! I take Paypal! :)

About my codes, They are well optimized and clean and properly commented! Keeping everything in mind!

Send me the design doc, Let me know you have any questions!

Looking forward to hearing back from you!
Best regards,

Shubham Bansod

Mechanical Engineer
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