Job Offer - Programmer {PAID} 3D programmer

Need a simple script for a 3D aspect of a game I am starting; note that this will be SIMPLE for someone who has programmed in 3D in GMS2.

I have made a dungeon crawler in 3D in GMS1.4 but when it was imported to GMS2 the compatibility scripts confused me so I just want it started again.

Please contact me with any 3D work you have previously done in GMS2.

Joe Ellis

You just need to set the view & projection matrices abit more manually:

//in create event

global.projection_matrix = matrix_build_projection_perspective_fov(60, screen_width \ screen_height, 1, 10000)

//in step event
global.view_matrix = matrix_build_lookat(global.view_x, global.view_y, global.view_z, global.view_x2, global.view_y2, global.view_z2, 0, 0, -1)

//in draw event

matrix_set(matrix_view, global.view_matrix)
matrix_set(matrix_projection, global.projection_matrix)

//then draw stuff