GMC Jam Overtime

You want to leave work on time but your boss isn't having it. Looks like there is only one solution... Violence!

Left Punch - Left Shift or Z
Right Punch - Right Shift or X
Dodge Left - Left Control or Left Arrow
Dodge Right - Right Control or Right Arrow
Block - Space or Down Arrow
Escape - Pause
Arrow keys and Enter for navigating the menus

Left Punch - Left Trigger
Right Punch - Right Trigger
Dodge Left/Right - Left and Right on the D-pad or Left Stick
Block - A(Bottom face button)
Start - Pause
D-pad, A and Start for navigating the menus

How to Play
The goal is to knock out your boss before he can knock you out.
If you get hit, you won't be able to punch or dodge for a few seconds, so make sure to block.
Blocking is important, you still take minor damage but it give you a bit of a breather.
Your punches don't do much damage, but if you dodge a punch from your boss, he will be surprised, perfect time for a counter-attack(which does heaps more damage).

That's it, it's a very short game, even for a jam game. I found it hard to balance the difficulty, so it's actually a lot easier than it originally was. I rushed a lot of it, so it's not as smooth as I would have liked but it still turned out better than I expected, especially since I have never made anything like it before.


P.S. I think this is actually the first thing I have posted in the WIP forums...​
Thanks for checking it out.
The balance is awful, it's incredible difficult until you know what to look for, then it's incredibly easy. So that will be one of the first things I fix.
The best tips I have is to block until you see him block, then watch his hands, if one starts moving to the side, has about to punch, so that's when you dodge. He will be stunned so you can get like 3 or 4 quick critical hits in before he resumes his pattern. I wanted to include more attacks from the boss, and more punches for the player, but I ran out of time unfortunately.