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Question - Code Overlapping Rooms



So im pretty new to this, but last time i did the exact same thing and this didnt happen. Basically i have 2 rooms. Both have a warp but only one is currently woriking, which goes from room0 to room1. Instead of swapping rooms, room1 appears in the bottom left corner of the screen and room0 stays visible behind it. How can i fix this? I have no clue


Without seeing the code, it's really hard to understand what you're saying. It doesn't sound like you're using rooms the way GMS intends, though. The engine is limited to running one and only one room at a time.


It sounds like OP has some persistent objects in the rooms. If it's somewhat intended, you can set the visible flag to false before swapping rooms (before room_goto) to hide the room objects. If it's not intended, then you might need to uncheck the persistent flag on the objects.