SOLVED Outside Room instance_destroy(); not working as expected


Apologies if this sort of thing has been cover before. Searching for instance_destroy brings up a fair few hit. Anyway, I have a fairly simple and probably fairly messy program I'm mucking about with. The outside room event with one of my instances does not appear to be behaving as I thought it might. Basically outside room -> instance_destroy. However the outside room event gets called multiple times for one instance, or loops or something? just one bullet travelling outside the room causes loads of outside room messages.
Also something similar with the collision event maybe? The same bullet will not destroy itself and will happily continue to travel across the screen through whatever it encounters. Everything else gets destroyed correctly - or so I currently think! What am I missing/not reading/being completely inept about?




Are you sure you are not creating multiple bullets on top of eachother by mistake? If your outside room / collision code prints the instance id is it the same across prints?