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Windows ORB BALL



Hey guys,
I'm doing a game art course in New Zealand and i've just created my first game at media design school. Its a local co-op, sci-fi, fast paced arcade game called "Orb ball".

Here's a gameplay trailer:

You and your pal are abducted from extraterrestrial beings light years away. You are forced to play in a game show called "Orb ball". Your only chance of survival is to complete all rooms.

Genre/ Gameplay:
Orb ball is an intense co-op, arcade game which forces you to synergize with your teammate in order to proceed. The Main objective in orb ball is to bait enemy ai (driods) into their colour corresponding orbs (blue and orange).
You bait them using your own yellow orb. There is only one yellow orb between players one and two. This yellow orb can be infinitely passed among the players

In the game you must:
-Strategically position yourselves around the room, envision the end game, and learn from trial and error.

-Keep far away from your teammate. (passing the orb to them a close range will not help change the direction of the droids) (Droids follow you if you've got the orb!)

-Use boost-pads and tele-porters to your advantage. Distance between the player and droids are imperative, you don't want to be anywhere near those damn droids!

If you'd like to download my game for free please check out
Game jolt:

Any downloads/ feed back would be greatly appreciated,
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