Graphics Opinions ? - building interior size hack



So I'm busy with buildings for the town, and sky scrapers seem to be in my interest.

This is the exterior of the building:

And here on the left is the proposed interior, on the right is the more realistic interior dimensions.

Here's an animation of how it would look when the player enters, for every level of the building the dimensions would be like this in a way.. depending on which door the player enters will populate the room differently.

But I'm not sure how convincing it would be, would players notice ?

Also as you can see on he left the player character is there, so I'm tryina keep everything up to scale. Perhaps just making the exterior longer ?


The interiors are looking fine imo. As long as you create the illusion that you're moving from the exterior to the interior, you're good.


I've never done fade or transition effects lol.

The blinking gif is just to show how the room looks inside the building as well as outside and where the room is..
The idea was to have that same room populated differently depending on which level of the building the player enters.


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Buildings feel larger on the inside in real life as well. You don't really need to justify the size difference in any way.

One thing you could do if you want propotions and shapes to be retained is to shrink the player (and decoration objects) that are inside a building, and then just zoom in the camera.