SOLVED Opening windows in code?


Simple question, is there a way to open new windows in code? Like a second window for the game?

What are the limitations of this, if it's possible? Does anyone know?

This would be in the actual game itself. So I want to basically open another window automatically while the game is running. Is there a function for it or some clever workaround?


1. There may be something within the market to check but would most likely be an extension and/or library. Otherwise...

2. The closest your going to come with code is different views/cameras for split screens. You can have the same game with two different views. ie. Two different players with their own view area. You can choose your own borders, where you want to put those views ect... They don't need to be full screen however should be "together" in some way. You can have up to eight of them which can be shown at any part of your screen.

3. Port your game to a server and have a "multiplayer" game. Though I would work on game development first.

4. The only other option would be to get a really good and expensive graphics card with the BIOS/Setup Software to allow two monitors display the game. Though this is not guaranteed and you would be the only one to play it this way.


Not quite what I was hoping for, but thanks. What I wanted was the have the game open a second window when the first one is closed.
it was an idea for a horror game. 😅