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Hi, I am NeutronCat. I started to learn Game Maker over 10 years ago and have extensive experience in GML Programming. I am especially skilled at coding Platformer, Metroidvania, and other action based games, but can code other game genres as well. I can code motions, generation, inventories, player stats, enemy AI, save/load system and any other stuff related to programming for your project. (Sorry but I have no experience of multiplayer games) I do not regard myself as a professional programmer, but an intermediate coder.

I also know how to use Photoshop and GIMP, and can help artist deal with simple image processing for project.

Besides, I have also made games with Unity for years, as well as created 3D models with Blender.

Here is a Metroidvania like Megaman fangame demo I have made with GM 8 a few years ago (sprites using spriters-resource.com):

1.PNG 2.png 3.png 5.png

You can download the demo here:

Recently I made a simple pixel drawing application (Windows) with GMS2:

Use left mouse button to draw a pixel, right mouse button to erase a pixel (with background color), middle mouse button to move canvas or zoom in or zoom out. It can also create new canvas, open png file, save png file, load palette file (*.pal) and display grids.
This application has only very basic features for pixel art drawing, since it's just a demonstration indicating my current programming skill. I use the camera, surface and ds_grid techniques to optimize the program making it run faster, and the ImGuiGML library for GUI.
So making similar custom editor is not a hard work for me.

You can check it here:

I have the licenses of GameMaker Studio 1.4 Master Collection and GameMaker Studio 2 Desktop.

I charge $5 USD an hour for either GameMaker project or Unity project.
Payment via Paypal. I can work full time.
My timezone: GMT+8

Contact Info
Email : neutronnakako@gmail.com

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Here are some scenes I made with Blender and Unity:
6.png 7.png

A physics based breakout game demo
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Can you do online stuff, generation, inventories, player stats (actually anyone can do that one lol), advanced ai. These are some things people wanna know.