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Android / Amazon Fire Open status bar on Android


Hello to all!

When a GM creates a game, it automatically hides the status bar (battery, time, etc.)

I found where the status bar goes off in "RunnerActivity.java", but I couldn’t do anything about it (

I also found the function "display_set_ui_visibility(flags)", but it does not work. And on YoYo website, I found information that this function is obsolete.

Can I somehow turn it on?


I want to bump this thread because its not "that" old and I've been searching everywhere and haven't found any threads that have the answer. This was exactly the thread I was planning on making so might as well not clutter things up with a duplicate post

Is this function obsolete or not? It appears I was able to get the bottom nav bar visible and working using it. All I see are threads stating to use this but if this is obsolete then what are we supposed to do to get both top and bottom to be visible?


Kazan Games
I also need to know how to use this function, can someone please help?
I tried to use some numbers in the flags, but I was only able to show the buttons and not the notification area...
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