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Portfolio - Art [OPEN] Pixel Artist / Animator for hire

Hi everyone, Iam Dante. Pixel artist - 2D animator

I love making pixel game and i can handle many styles
I am currently available to work on PAID projects, both flat rates or hour rates

My gallery: http://pixeljoint.com/p/41106.htm
Skype: wonman321

Some stuffs i have worked for game projects

Monsters X Monsters

Bloody Quest

And more

Pls contact me if You are interested

Feel free to ask anything.
Thanks for your attention!

Best of luck,

-Tuan (wonman321)
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Can you do top-down stuff also? (e.g top-down characters, trees, rocks, vehicles, houses, etc)
Love those sprites from Monster X Monster! Do you require concept art to work off of or can you work off a detailed description of a character? Might be interested.
EDIT: Sent you an e-mail request yesterday evening.
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Do not work with Dante. He will gladly take your money and afterwards stop communicating with you.

I contracted him to create the art for my already-finished game in May. In June he refused to respond to any messages, while only completing a mere 20% of the artwork. I had to create a paypal dispute over $250, as he requires half the money up-front.
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