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Illustrations for two of my Eternity project's first two stories.

Prince of the Rose Palace: Manalodia Arcturus illustration

Manalodia resize.png

Requiem's Song: Arcturus illustration

Looks like someone here is a fan of Yoshitaka Amano/Ayami Kojima
Indeed ^_^ Darkness and the Moonlight, the second post, would be the only one done in such a style, but nonetheless, my little hat tip.
Other than that, since Eternity leans on a dark fantasy theme it probably carries Kojima's influence while still being more of my own. Breaking
from my own distinct look isn't easily done, but has matured over the years.
ORION character concepts. First is his Phantom Sorcerer design, or initial and then for the latter half of the story, his Orion of
Betamoth design. His first has Epytptian and Persian influences while the second is my creativity itself.

Orion 2.png
House Arcturus is cursed; Acursed yet living, clinging by the progeny of the lost Viennrosette. Unto their ninth generation, Miriam Louisa Arcturus Gavrielle keeps their blood alive, flowing. Forgotten atop Wes' black peaks, the Penumbra, progenitors of magic and scions of the abyss, so it is said, continue their isolation after the fall of Lithavania centuries ago. Born episcene and no less during a time when Kolonia was uncertain of its continuity, Miriam grew with her Cachusa's love and doting, her father's provision and guidance.

A funerary air kept the ebon towers of these exiled people's shadowing the next few claimed by the Gravuzie plague, a fate worse than death for such noble people with their sorcery of no effect. The Arcturus had been spared all the while, if not for their blood then from their will, but it would no longer be so for their little home. Darker shadows loomed over the seed of the fallen royals and tragedy would prevail in its wake. Mother and daughter survive the debauchery of their masochist abode turned prison, returning to Cachusa a sleeping power thought lost to the Penumbra. For Miriam, a fractured mind giving birth to Viktoria, bearer of her burdens.

Over the rolling hills of Isalme, along the countryside beyond Notte, a young Huema girl finds no rest for her adventurous mind. It feeds her during the lands hardship from war, it girds her hope of becoming a a proud soldier like her grandfather and becoming the son her father was not granted. No peasants life is easy, but Rema Cetrine DiBesto is fortunate enough and slacks not at her mother's call to chores.

A gamine enjoying more swinging her caliber branch and scuffing with any lad that spat her way, she desired a dream few but barbarian children could attain. To become a warrior, a knight to protect those dear and live by honor were perhaps things she wished to restore and gain back from the fallen revelry that was once her father.

From the ancient depths of Nis' past will Miriam find her way down the path of hardship and loss. Through trials and tempering must Rema cross over to her self-discovery. Neither will do this alone, not when destiny's course melds the two as one. Innocenza is the precursor to Lost Children, an exploration of where Transient Notte of Ematus Sercia's Knights and her Penumbran companion came. There is more than dark artes and intrigue for these little ones to contend.

Innocenza Illustration A


Innocenza Chapter 1 illustration

Innocenza Chapter 2 illustration
Updating with more artwork examples. Had a major dry spell like most Summers have effect on me, but seem to be able to do a little more these days.
I'll get around to those uploads soon as I can, "Fragments" being one recent piece.



Back to something more fantasy/steampunk...
Erthane Motif.png
An experimental set of illustrations I plan on doing over time on the themes of cyberpunk, birth and identity, as well as renewal.
More so have been colouring WIPs in my free time, and it's a long list XD


Requiem Song.jpg

Tulamar of the Moon.jpg

Runaway Carriage.jpg

This one is a work in progress still as being careful, but some of the best shading I've done.
Oh boy, been a little bit.

Penumbran Noble male Concept A

Penumbran Noble female concept A

Moonclan male concept sketch

Moonclan female concept sketch A

Viennri Rondomel Arcturus~portrait

The Black Queen~portrait

Innocenza Illustration B

Lost Children Illustration B

A latter stage design for Ansgar, obtaining and refurbishing the ancient armor of an Gale Knight. Though having taken a different path than the father he idolized, Ansgar carries his determined and noble spirit. His love of shiny things and coin has not diminished, however...

Used Inkarnate to make my first map in a very long time. I had past referneces like hand drawn maps and one started in Photoshop to work from. I'll be doing more of these and regionals as a good
skill to have for those that want cartography done.