GMS 2 Only AVD does not work properly.

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Good evening. I have a question for those who are familiar with Android Studio. In the Windows test, the game was able to play normally without any bugs. However, when I compile it to AVD and test it, it doesn't work normally like it did on Windows. An instance is created without writing the code to create the instance, or the instance follows on Windows but not on androidAVD.
I will write down the history of what I did.

Yesterday: Testing with AVD worked fine. AVD is pixel3a.
this morning:
-In order to support many models, the API value was dropped from 28 to 25 with the option in GMS2. At the same time, the value of minimumsdk decreased.
・Since I used admob for testing, the minimumsdk must be 16, so I raised it to 16.
・NEXUS5 was started up with AVD and the play button of IDE was pressed to build.
・The above-mentioned bug occurred and the game stopped working properly.
I restored the API and sdk level in GMS2 and replayed it in pixel3a.
・Similarly, it no longer works properly.

Of course there were no compilation errors.
I haven't rewritten any of the code in the game, so I think there is no problem with resources. Windows tests still work fine.
So I think there is something wrong between Android Studio and GMS2, but I'm not sure what to do.
Sorry for the long sentence. If anyone has any solution, please let me know. Please.


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