Job Offer - General Online leaderboard for an offline game



This is going to be a little bit of GML and some web dev.

I'd like for players to have the ability to submit scores online when the game over screen is on. I do not have a website yet but I will get my own soon-ish. I really don't know much about web dev so let me know if something is not possible. Here's what I want

  • When the gameover screen is on, press a button on the keyboard (we'll just say f12 as an example) if the player wishes to submit their score online
  • if the f12 is pressed, a little prompt box appears for the player to type in whatever name they want (24 char limit)
  • after they type in their name and hit submit, the information gets sent to a table online that displays the player name, score, and rank
  • the table displays the top 20 scores by default, but you can choose to display more scores (20, 50, 100, 500 max) with a scrolling bar or with page arrows if there are too many names. The 501st score is dropped and the information is deleted.
  • if the player submit a score that is too low, send a message in game or on the page that it is below the threshold.
  • Customizable options: I want to be able to change things like which button is pressed, the character limit for the names, the max number of scores stored, the message if the score is too low, and the webpage/ server the information is submitted to

Write a simple GML program that generates random numbers and lets you submit the score once the number is generated. You'll have to set up your own free page to show that every thing is working and you can indeed submit scores online. Once I'm happy with how everything works, I'll send payment over (Paypal or bitcoin) and you'll send the package to me and talk me through how to set it up.

PM if interested, let me know how much and how long it will take. Thanks!

edit: I have GMS2
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