Job Offer - General Online Database


I'm curious if there's someone out there capable of helping me out with an online database & using it.

Something where you can upload a string to the database (along with other data, like a name with it etc). And also, from within the game, be able to scroll through a list of these and pick them out by name. Also be able to search (like a Google search) through them, have the strings ranked by popularity etc. It may be wise to allow people to log in and their account's strings uploaded can be modified. Think MegaMaker.

If some one has the ability to assist me in setting up such a database, ...php...?, securely, and construct a demo project with these capabilities, I'd love to chat - and we could work details out from there.
I'm not experienced with this sort of coding in the slightest, and surface level knowledge of Gm's online functions.

Email or PM me if interested.

Thank you!
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