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Discussion in 'Collaboration' started by Nexust, Jun 21, 2019.

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    Jul 29, 2016
    Onimo is a game about competative one-eyed monsters. This game has replay value, it has charm, it's competitive, the characters are recognisable, and more.
    I have a prototype but I need to introduce some talent into this project.

    A million years ago, I started a project that I fell in love with. That project was called Onimo. It is, to date, my favourite creation. Unfortunately, as I tried to expand the project, I realised I'd struggle on my own.
    The game had an Android mobile release which I, unfortunately, was unable to maintain and has since been removed. The .APK can still be found with a quick google for "Akkail Games Onimo" though.

    The original prototype involved the player's Onimo (a one eyed monster) playing a sumo-style game against an AI controlled Onimo. It was simple but so much fun. I had friends gather round my phone to play endless tournaments many times.
    I wanted to expand the game. For example, online multiplayer support is a no-brainer for this game.
    I also thought about other game modes, like a football/soccer style game.

    I need some help. As the developer of the original prototype and failed developer of the subsequent updates, I think I have proven myself unworthy of being the developer on this project. I am, however, capable of providing code for the game. I would be far more valuable to the project in a designer/director role.

    This project needs someone that can handle physics. The prototype does not use Box2D or any other physics engine so I mean physics in a very open sense. The project could make use of an existing physics framework or, the method I originally opted for, building the physics behaviour of the project from scratch.

    The project also requires someone (or someones?) with a decent grip on networking. Networking is my weakness so I'd need people that could cover every step of the journey. Server/client communication, integration with a website, the website itself. I'd like tournaments to run through the website and be interacted with in game, matchmaking, chat, etc.

    I'll level with you. I'm asking a lot and I don't have the funds to justify my asking.
    To be completely honest, I want this game to exist. I love this game and I can't wait to play it. If I can find a group of people that feel the same way, I'd be over the moon.
    I'm confident this game has potential. It could even have competitive e-sport potential. I'm sure it'll make money. I'm more than happy to split that money.

    The following is a Periscope live broadcast during which a tournament plays out between two people using the prototype.

    This is the APK of the prototype, as was previously available on Google Play. Play using Android or emulator.

    Unfortunately, the original source code was Onimo is on a broken laptop. I will eventually be able to recover it but I can't be sure when.
    I do, however, have the source code of a prettier version I had been working on. I'll make it available to anyone joining the team.

    In conclusion: I'm not good enough to make this game on my own. I really really want to play this game. I'm sure other people are going to enjoy this game. I'm sure this game would make money. I need help. Help me please.

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