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You know the drill. We write a collaborative story, and each time you post you get to add one word to the epic tale that is being told. Every time the thing becomes an incomprehensible mess, we start a new chapter. Here we go.

((P.S. This story is not in any way representative of the views I hold, primarily because my worldviews don't divide into chapters. Other than that, it's pretty much spot-on.))

One Punch Mannequin isn't going to Mars but instead he went to Earth. After all, for more than seven years, the colors of Freedom have were also stolen and tortured by Grand Master Flash Drive D: for Josef Stalin. Holy Water Gundam. Geiser people are sexy. Macaroni ought to become spahetti with Doritos which cause mayhem in Slovakia because doritos are the world's worst nightmare.
Is autumn soon? Wondered Frank who punched the Zack Snyder in my fish in England, but another foul pervert may soon invade sheep intestines. Children of other mothers are pathetic wastes of their resources.
Adolf Titler went on an excellent adventure with a Nazi to discover that grass is green. But what about socks? They're constantly tickling everyone's plums. Why not? When Titler was 5 nobody cared cared scared bared dared fared stared paired glared combo attack special! What the taco yum! Even fish can breathe helium when their concierges had smoked pot.

Titler died.

When Titler's funeral started, One Nazi Mannequin per coffin was enforced by the Gestapo. Frank anne Frank frankly were Sinatra And One Nazi thought this isn't very educational. Josef Fishmonger called the Polizei Geoff Brexit on interrogation tactics, until... Wham! Titler awoke! Titler shot tirious and now fled. Meanwhile, One women saw boys next to a suspiciously dark aberration.

Suddenly, space travel became impossible unless magic things failed so successfully. Thou hou ou shalt not code artificial memes jet fuel tastes steel beans. Only wizards can die. Everyone killed then for their idiotic magical Adolf loves gassing the stove.
Make all America Great Again! But why did the Donald win America? He loves to play with childrens television Titler boxes. I hate Jews. I can't touch big Divination. Why did the D.I.D. affect Ben Affleck? My banana has diabetes. Underage stoopid children likes eating weasel people. Embrionic cells usually die. Arnold Best kiss my ass today. Odysseus what do I do I ate myself.
Disgusting capitalism isn't capitalism. However, socialism inhales greatness and becomes salvation EXCEPT fascism and many other ideologies such twas cannot compute. They oppress; EXPLOSION!!!! Threatuna Cannibalism is healthy teeth massage called by brütal politicians. Titler, how did planets spin yarn into life?

Gay mood aliens invaded Britain Suicide. Killed my pigeon riding banana. Although vikings pillaged the candy from unreliable hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobic moose that carried cacti for playing games?
Confusion is to decide if my wife died. Noel, played but he please. Knights send help or we will murder Smurfs with jackhammers. They would murder Smurfs until the kingdoms have blue balls that bounce. Only cogs could use echolocation 2000 2000 sporadically until Ragnarök.

Tadpole excitedly carved olives whilst Frogger killed Pac-Man with kindness and Knives whilst the olive branch surprisingly founded financial sharks in Viagra with minors. FBI bloviate with parents without the consent Duck intestines are undulating and yodeling constantly under the sea of dead rabbits. Little did they know broccoli travels through wormholes little brother like chicken nugget umbrellas.

Roytheshort is dead.

Celebratory wailing/antisemitism jews manufactured squeaky BEES!!! Antixenophobismolygery was tainted by Philips old wrinkly grandmother. Harlem Squench unambiguously faked his identity.

Chapter 1

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For convenience sake, I compiled the story so far.
Chapter 1

One Punch Mannequin isn't going to Mars, but instead he went to Earth. After all, for more than seven years, the Colors of Freedom were also stolen and tortured by Grand Master Flash Drive D: for Josef