Steam Omni Link [BxG] Sci-fi, Romance, top down shooter



Omni Link is a different kind of visual novel featuring space exploration, real-time combat, and choices that affect gameplay and story. Find love across the stars and learn what it takes to give everything you have for those you care about.

You play as Keb. A man of little consequence. An orphan without a past or a future. It's your first day on the job at Zaos Corporation when you encounter an alien vessel. Through a misunderstanding, your vessel explodes & binds you with an entity known as Ectype D-8, an attractive and powerful being of technology. You quickly learn that there is more to this ship and A.I. than meets the eye. The artificial intelligence is so advanced she is able to absorb energy from other ships and duplicate them. As well as use a mysterious ability called Omni Link.

This comes at a time when an entity called "The Virus" awakens near the edge of the galaxy. Suns are disappearing and planets are dying. People discover that this threat is real. However, no one knows exactly what the Virus is or has lived to tell about it.

On your journey you'll discover what it means to love and lose everything. The people you meet--a child prodigy, an ace pilot, a computer genius--will all come to depend on you to save them. Not because you're anything special... because you give everything you have.


Steam Early Access:

Why Early Access?:
Besides my artist, and help from the game maker community, most everything else I've done alone. This includes advertisement, programming, most art, and I even wrote the theme song for the game. My excitement for the characters, the story, and gameplay has helped me work long hours. I can only do so much alone. I come to early access to involve you and ask for help. I want voice artists for the characters, more backgrounds, and art for you to enjoy. This is the only game of it's kind.

A Man without a future

Meets a woman from the past

A powerful intelligence

Links them together

Learn from past mistakes

A family to protect

Adventure leads to strength


Thanks for the complement lolslayer. I really like to write and hope people enjoy the story. The game has just released on Steam.


Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! There is a huge Black Friday sale going on now at Steam and they are having an event called Steam nominations. There is no way I could win a nomination in the normal categories, but there is a "Make your Own" nomination category.

Me and my friends will nominate Omni Link for the "Unusual Hybrid" award. Nominate my game for the: Unusual Hybrid award during the steam sale and let's see if we get noticed. If you feel it fits the category. You put that under category suggestion. No one as ever made a top down shooter visual novel adventure before, so I think it fits.

In case anyone missed the announcement with icons. I decided to post them here: