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Windows Old Manual?


Is it possible to get the old manual? I don't understand this new manual. In the old manual, I could search the term "room", and it would give me a list of all the functions that start with room, that doesn't seem to be possible here.

Also my A-Z section is completely empty and doesn't return anything when I type something in. Also the 3rd tab "filter terms" has like 50 entries in it and seems to be missing most of the terms from the old manual.
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It's probably an issue with your browser or connection, not the Manual itself. The A-Z and terms tabs come up just fine on Firefox 84.0.2 and Chrome 87.0.4280.141.


The Laughing Rogue
Also, Edge v87.0.664.75 runs the index tab just fine for me, but of course Microsoft changed the internal engine to just use Chromium now anyway, thus it most likely runs anything Chrome runs. ~shrug~