OFFICIAL Old GMC Topic Links


Friendly Tyrant
Forum Staff
Hello everyone! Since we have changed forum software and had to archive the old GMC, it means that many of you will have game or WIP topics which are showing up in Google but that point to the old forums and not here. Therefor I am offering to add links to these older topics should you re-make the topic on these forums, so that any visitors can see that the game is still in development and come here.

Please post in this topic with a link to your game and the link to the new topic on this forum and I'll do my best to update the topics for you. Note that I'll be doing it in batches, so please be patient, and for each link I update I'll remove the post that requested it so you can see when it's been done.

Do not use this topic for any other type of discussion and any posts that are not relevant will be removed.