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 ogg files do not loop with audio tags.

hello I just recently found out the gamemaker studio 2 doesn't support audio tags
does anybody know why?
does it ever plan on being added?

the way I see it, ogg files are useless because of this feature.
you might say that you can do that with audio functions, but why when you can just add the start and length loop tags to your ogg file and forget about it?

I see no reason why this shouldn't be in already and I feel that this is a big issue.
it makes me feel like the devs thought that audio functions would be easier and tags are not necessary which is wrong!

please tell me this feature is going to be added soon.
I really want to make my zelda 2 engine.


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In the 5 years since the audio system was changed to permit native ogg files, I've never once seen a request for "audio tags"... Being able to set loop points has been discussed though and it is something that has been bugged along with a few other missing features. They have been getting added over time, but it's not something that is considered a priority.


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Doing fmod, I realize tag are in every audio format...

On the other hand, I seen 3 people begging for it, so I added it in... the demand is not very great.

Why do you need it? It is very useful to synchronize things but you can achieve the same thing with a supplement file given that you can query the position...

Here's a beat example I made, using audacity to detect beat patterns and using the file it generated to define a tag system... it's not perfect as the audacity beat detect system did not generate a perfect beat out of the sample file... but it works.

I just realized that I'm using get_timer instead of the actual sound position and the sound length... anyway, concept is there
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