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Samuel Venable

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I especially like doing caves, monsters, skeletons, building interiors and anything horror themed. I'm not so great at making people 3D models or realistic animals. Or rather, realism is not my thing anyway, the closest you'll get to that is the 90's cgi vibe like what can be seen in the images and animation below.
  • I can do brief moving camera 3D animations; animated 3D models and bones not-so-much

  • I can do static 3D renders, great for promotional images, loading, splash screens, and more

  • I can do 3D rendered 360 degree panoramas; great for virtual visits / point-and-click games

  • if you are more interested in extensions I do offer cross-platform ones for Win32/Mac/Linux
I'm well-versed in C, C++, Objective-C, Objective-C++, VBScript, JScript (Microsoft's Native Scripting Rendition of JavaScript), AppleScript, JavaScript (Apple's Rendition of Native JavaScript Scripting for Mac), ShellScript, COM, ActiveX, MFC, ATL, Visual Basic 5 and 6, Win32/Mac/Linux UTF-8 Support, HTML, CSS, File Manipulation, Dialogs, Modern Cocoa (Goodbye Carbon!), JavaScript for HTML5 extensions, I could easily write a web browser extension for Mac, if anyone needs it, or a JScript/VBScript interpreter for Windows, an AppleScript interpreter for Mac (using osascript for thread safety or NSAppleScript for staying within the same application process although lacks thread safety), Executing and Evaluating Shell Scripts on Mac and Linux using popen(), I can make borderless window toggle on Linux and Mac, I can change your desktop resolution programatically, and best of all, everything I make is permissively MIT-licensed, and I give you access to the source code of everything I make! Do not miss out on this wonderful opportunity. I have been a C and C++ developer for almost a full decade and with very limited time spent on Objective-C and Objective-C++ I'm already to the point of being fluent.

  • Pricing is generously cheap, the most I ever made on a single freelance payment is roughly $70 USD and the smallest I have ever made for one is $10 USD. Use your imagination. The longest I've spent doing a project is about two weeks or so, if I remember correctly. Most things I can get done within a couple hours, at least going by my track record thus far. The more hours - the higher payment. If I don't reach the deadline then you don't have to recommend me to anyone, let everyone know about it if you were or were not satisfied - this is what keeps people coming to me more than anything. Only pay me if you find that I made you happy by the deadline we set - if anything is a deal breaker let me know in advance and I'll be happy to get as much as i can get done even if I end up finishing late, which hasn't happened before, someone testify if I am wrong on this, just my memory.

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Samuel Venable

Time Killer
The next extension I plan to do might be a borderless window toggler for Mac and Linux -- since there are already several available for Windows -- I see no use in making yet another one for that platform. Another idea I've had is to make Windows/Mac/Linux extension that allows you to override the close button event, enabling you to do something other than close the game immediately when the close button is clicked in the title bar -- i.e. the user could show a question dialog asking if they are sure they want to quit, and, if so, saved changes will be lost -- as one option.

I'm not interested in doing either unless I know it interests anyone. I may even do one of them for free if I see any indication there is a good amount of demand for the extension. In which case I won't sell it and make it free along with the source code as I usually do with my extensions.


I would highly recommend Samuel if you need some one to write an extension for you. He is very reasonably priced and works quickly. He also sent daily (Sometimes more) updates until the project was finished for feedback and just to inform. If I ever need another extension, he will be the first person I ask.