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Windows Odd issue


I'm having a really strange issue with my game since upgrading to Studio 2. The game is incredibly laggy despite having an FPS around 1000.

The version I made in Studio 1 was fine, so I loaded it up to check just in case I was imagining things, and the game runs smooth as silk. So I click on the Studio 2 window to compare and strangely enough the game is running smooth as silk here too!

I'm like, ok, must be a process that was running in the background that's now done so I close Studio 1 and go back to my game in Studio 2 and it starts lagging again? Just to be thorough I open up Studio 1...and my game in Studio 2 again starts running better simply because I have Studio 1 open.

This was a few days ago. I just left Studio 1 open whilst I was working on it but both yesterday and today I've had to do the same.

There's probably a reasonable explanation for this...right?