Android Octozooka, a unique space shooter



Hey guys :)

Octozooka is an incomplete space shooter game currently up on the Google play store

Octozooka has you play as a stationary ship with 8 cannons attached to it.

Each of those 8 cannons has a button affixed to it, and you shoot the cannons by pressing the buttons.

Whats the catch? The buttons are kinda mischievous so they will constantly keep changing places with one another like the nuisances they are, and you pretty much have to try your best to keep hitting the right buttons to aim down and wreck the advancing hordes of enemies.

The main gist of the game would be to venture out to the planets/moons and liberate them from an invading alien race. Initial plans were to allow access to most of the major bodies in the solar system, but that will take tons of time to get done. (I must learn to make smaller and simpler games).
Nevertheless, 30 levels still exist in the game for your enjoyment, and all somehow squeezed into the context of just the moon!

Powerups and abilities as well as a skill tree for the main weapon all exist in the game to give you as much control over it as you need.

Enemy and level variety are rather diverse and a decent chunk of the levels will be distinctly different from one another in terms of the playing experience.

Do give the game a try, its free and its tons of fun! Plus it may burn some calories from your fingers too ;)
Do let me know what you think of the game mechanics and how the game can be improved in general. There are definitely a lot of stuff i initially wanted to do, but having recently found a job... well yeah...

Download it from the google play store!

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