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Ocean Storm is best described as an open world visual novel adventure. It’s a game about story, choices and consequences with a pirate theme thrown onto it. You are the captain of a ship, thrust into a world that is up to you to explore. Past wars, underground crimnals, opressive governments, ancient artifacts and a mysterious storm all awaits for you, in a game where you decide where to go, what missions to take, how to complete them and who to hire.

The game is a mixture of genres, based initially on the visual novel dating sim genre, but expanded towards something uncategorizable. I think there’s a ton of unexplored potiental here, and it is my duty to see this game to fruitition and drive the visual novel genre forward from the bad reputation of japanese hentai simulators. Ocean Storm incorporates various mechanics and elements from others generes in order to tell a story.

The main focus of the game is the story. The game creates a world with rich lore, backstory, goals and ambitions for all characters, where afterwards it leaves to player to choose their own path through the content, with consequences big or small for every action taken. The game have one true ending, but multiple ways of acheving that ending, be it through one characters storyline or another. The game contains lots of random elements, with the player starting in a random city, with random events, and multiple outcomes for every mission, ensuring a unique play-through for every player, with lots of potiental replayability.

  • Visual novel set in a pirate fantasy world.
  • Explore an open world and uncover its rich lore.
  • Hire crew, take missions, make choices, be a captain!
  • Random events, risk management & multiple outcomes.

If I were to describe the game in two words it would be: Pirate Firefly


Playable demo contains minor gameplay in the first city. New system for world map travel is being worked on, aswell as development of storylines for the other cities. Once these have been completed, more of the map will be opened up for playtesting and exploration. For now comments on the gameplay and feel of the game is appreciated. I spent 2 years getting this far, all I need is a little love to keep me going.
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That art in this looks quite good. Well done sir! Hopefully some others will come by and give you some more helpful feedback.


It's taken me SO LONG to find this game again. I played it a little over a year ago and remember enjoying it a lot, especially since I generally dislike visual novels. I forgot the name of the project and had no luck finding the developer on the new GMC, but here it is, finally! Doesn't look like it's been updated in quite some time, though. Would you happen to have any current updates on this, @Cinderfire ?


dj_midknight, it's ma'am. I do have a newer version, but not much changed. Project have been on pause for a few months due to burnout and life issues, and will remain on pause for the foreseeable future. It might be resumed in 1-6 months time, once I've stabilized my situation. After that, I still expect least 1 years worth of development left on the project.


i like the way your environments look in the cut scenes. Nice coloring!