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 Occultus Command



This is a 2D sci-fi, action, exploration platformer similar to metroidvania titles. At first the game had sprites drawn by me, but after many complained about the inconsistency of the sprites, I took a hiatus and took some 3D animation courses (I fell in love with Blender even though they taught 3DS Max). I redid the graphics and gameplay, so now... the game looks very different and the gamplay has taken a different turn with the "burst dash" mechanic.

I've already gotten some feedback on the trailer namely the lack of sound effects and the trailer being too long, I haven't gotten to the point where the sound is implemented and I also had some issues running the game super smooth while recording at an HD rate, I already have plans in place to try and fix that for the next trailer, but for now my priority is just to get enough done to get a demo out there, hopefully by the summertime.
Also, does anybody know any other forums or blogs where I can post updates in addition to here? The one website I used to do it is no longer up (indie something).

Also here are some before and after as far as the sprites, I personally liked the old sprites, but for workflow, consistency and time the Blender assets are much better IMO

Here's what the game looks like now: