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 Objects on white backgrounds


aka fel666
Having a white background is now default for me, and its not unusual at all to use spriteless objects in Gamemaker.

Unfortunately, spritless objects don't show up on a white background, as they are both, white.

A simple solution is obviously to add a sprite to them. But often times I don't want to use a sprite resource for an in IDE thing.

I'm not sure what a good fix could be, but perhaps making the (?) Icon be the inverse color of whatever is underneath, or have a keyboard shortcut to temporarily outline each object whilst its pressed down...

Currently I have a couple prototypes with white backgrounds and empty objects. Moving then around in the view is not easy.
So making objects easier to see on light backgrounds would be quite nice.


nobody important
GMC Elder
This has already been filed. You can't do things like XOR the pixels or easily invert colours without fancy shaders and render targets these days. However we'll be sticking a black outline (or something) around it to solve it - which is a much simpler solution.