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GMS 2.3+ Objects in sequences created with 0x0 position... why?


I have a sequence with object. This object has some position (not 0x0).
In the Create event of that object I just output it position and when I start my game I see that it is 0x0.
Why? :\

Same thing with size of object. In Create event it is not that I made in sequence editor.

If I make output log with position and size in the next frame I see that position and size become that I expected.


Example project YYZ

PS: tried in 2.3.1 and 2.3.2


That does seem problematic.

From what I can tell:

  • The sequence seems to create its objects between BEGIN STEP and STEP of the first frame.
  • By the time the object gets to the STEP event on the same frame it has the correct position.
  • However, possibly worse is that it seems the BEGIN STEP for the object is skipped entirely on the first frame.

The order is such:

  • Frame 0
    • Begin Step
      • -- The Sequence creates the object instance with a (0,0) position
      • -- The instance's BEGIN STEP is NOT called
    • Step
      • -- The object instance's STEP is called and has the correct position.
  • Frame 1