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object selection error

Okay, it's very difficult to explain so I'll give an example:
- oh well, I'm going to put some objects in this room
* I'll open the room *
- ok, now I go to the objects section and select an object
* does what she said *
- Very good, now I'm going to the enemies folder ... great .. wait, what? why is it blinking .. nah, well, I'm already in the enemies folder, now I'm going to the folder that is inside this folder, flying enemies .. I go in and ... what? All selection windows were closed! (what I indicate in the image)
well that's all that happened to me, hopefully you can help me, I'd appreciate it

I don’t know what is causing it, but it sounds like a bug in GMS1.4. There will be no more updates to this version of GMS (and there haven’t been any for years) so it isn’t going to be fixed. The only thing I can suggest (besides upgrading, which is the real answer to this question) is perhaps try reinstalling GMS1.4 and see if that fixes anything.

Alternatively, you might have to not nest your groups that deeply, if the bug only happens when you’re going that far into the child groups.