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GMS 2.3+ Object events disappeared from IDE

Hi everyone,

I have a troubling issue with an object in Gamemaker. It's called obj_game, and I can see in its corresponding folder (navigating to the objects/obj_game directory) that it has multiple event scripts:

I can open all of these in a text editor and confirm they have simple, compilable GML code.

However, in the IDE, I only see three events associated with the object: Create, Key Press - R, and Game Start. This is true even if I reimport objects/obj_game/obj_game.yy as a new object.

I noticed a few odd things:
  • There's both a Keyboard_76 and a KeyPress_76 event. Maybe from different versions of GS2? Oddly, that's the only keyboard event that actually shows up, and the version that shows up in the IDE is the one formatted as "Keyboard_76". I've tried reformatting the other keyboard events the same way, to no avail. I've also tried removing the duplicate.
  • If I redefine an event from the IDE, it will actually overwrite the corresponding file. For instance, Draw_64.gml has existing code, but the Draw GUI event doesn't show up in the IDE. But if I create a new Draw GUI event from obj_game in the IDE, it will indeed overwrite the Draw_64.gml file with a new empty Draw GUI event.
Does anyone have any idea what's going on? Maybe it has something to do with how these event files are ingested per object? I'm concerned that this could be happening invisibly to other objects in our game. If the processing of object event files bails out for some reason, why doesn't an error message show up somewhere in the Output/Compile Errors?