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GMS 2.3+ Object event script got deleted when delete some other script file.


I am using GMS2 with IDE v2.3.1542 Runtime v2.3.1.409.
The problem is when I delete some unwanted scripts in IDE, some of my object event scripts will be "deleted" too.
All the code wrote in those object event will disappear. I also tried some method like export - reimport. But none of them works.
Sometimes, while I can still see the code in the object event, but It will not be complied. something like, copy - pause the code again won't work either.
After reopen the project, everything goes as expected: my object event is empty now....


Raccoon Jam Host
Could you please give more detail on why you mean by "some unwanted scripts in IDE " and "object event scripts will be "deleted" too" ?

Could you provide an example?


For example, I select script do_something in asset browser, then press delete button, the script will be deleted, fine. But , the alarm event code of obj_game and obj_light is disappear: the alarm events are still exit, but all the code wrote in those events is missing. So I have to write the code in those two alarm events again..
This problem happens several times. And I am sure I am not selecting all the code while pressing the 'delete' button. But I forget if I have opened them in editor (maybe not).