Numeral separators *SOLVED*


Note: I'm using GM 6.1. I know it's outdated, but because I started this game project using 6.1, I'm also going to finish it with it.

I think this topic has been posted about before, but I can't find anything relevant. Maybe I just don't know what keywords to search for. :confused:

Anyway, in my game the player has money which can maximally be $ 999 999 999 999. This figure is drawn on screen. But it's confusing if you see for example 100000000000 on screen, so it would be better if it was drawn as 100 000 000 000, with a space between each group of three digits. I have no idea how to go about programming this. Surely someone must've already come up with a solution for this?

Also, for it to look pretty in context of my game, the number needs to be right-aligned, and preceded by a $ in smaller size than the number. So the $ probably needs to be drawn as a separate string, but given that the number string is right-aligned and of variable length, how do I define the horizontal placement of the $ string so that it's always slightly to the left of the left edge of the number string?


Turn the number into a string (does 6.1 have string() function?). Have a loop that goes from string length to zero. Inside the loop, draw the letter at loop variable position, and after every three steps also draw a space. Do this draw from right to left by using a variable for the draw x position and decrement after every draw. After the loop, this variable should more or less point where you want to draw the $ symbol. You'll have to manually adjust the numbers based on your font size to make it look good.


for (var i=money;i>=1;i=i div 1000)
new_money=" "+string(i mod 1000)+new_money
I tested this and it works. "Money" is the original money variable, and "new_money" is the string that you'd be drawing. Put this in your STEP event.


Thanks for the replies, but it's not working. :/ First I tried JFitch's solution. I wrote the exact same code, but with funds_string and funds instead of new_money and money, and put it in the step event. It would not compile. It said something about an unexpected character at position 12, which would be the "=" after "var i". I then tried removing "var" and it compiled fine, but the text is not drawn. In the draw even I have a font and a color set, and then I use the DD to draw funds_string at 300, 300. The object drawing the text has the lowest depth (-2) so it can't be that the text is obscured by other objects.

Since I don't really understand that code, I thought of trying to do it myseld from scratch, following NightFrost's instructions. But I don't understand how you add characters into a string. I don't really have any experience working with strings, and I can't understand GM 6.1's help file where it explains all the string functions. :confused:


JFitch's code splits the string but doesn't draw it, add a draw_text (or whatever 6.1 uses to draw strings) into the draw event to display it at a position you want.


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You can create a script to directly convert the real value being held in the money variable to a string with a space as the thousands separtor in the Draw event. You can also insert a "$" sign right at the beginning of the generated string to make things easier.

var s, i;
s = string(argument0);
for (i = string_length(s) - 2; i > 1; i -= 3) {
    s = string_insert(" ", s, i);
s = string_insert("$", s, 1);
return s;
draw_text(x, y, string_thousands(;
Hope that helps. :)