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Question - Code NPC's with jobs


I'll explain this the best I can.

I have "humans" to spawn around a main hall and walk around.

If a "lumberjack" building is in existence, they will turn into a new object called the lumberjack. Then walk to the building and stay around it.

My issue is that when I place multiple buildings, they all walk toward the same one. I have tested and found that the buildings are separately becoming occupied, but they still walk toward the first one.

How can I make them walk to the one that they occupied?

(The code that turns them into the lumberjack)
if obj_human_guild.active_lumberjacks < instance_number(obj_build_lumberjack) {
obj_build_lumberjack.vacant = false;
instance_change(obj_lumberjack, true);
(The code that tells whether the build is occupied)
vacant = true;
lumberid = instance_number(obj_build_lumberjack);

let me know if you need something extra