Alpha Novita (WIP, Alpha)


Hey all, a quick intro to my wip "Novita."

Background: I started with game maker back in the days (5.1 I believe) and program mostly as a hobby. I've been working part-time on this project now for the last month or so (about 4-12 hours per week).
I've got a playable demo basically ready (but I need to fix a couple graphics that I messed up and are causing some issues.... as of this morning... o_O), so expect an update in the next few days.

Title & Description:
Title: "Novita"
Description: You play as a little robot on a foreign planet but within our galaxy, so some elements are familiar, while others are alien, open world, quest/story-driven crafting rpg, sandbox world (almost everything is destroyable/craftable)

- Demo: final stages, will be updated with downloadable .exe in a couple days (01/05/2020)
- Engine built
- Crafting system (furniture, tools, weapons, blocks, floors, consumable potions,, building, mining (stones, coal,) gatherable and craftable/usable liquid (water liquid ingredient, energy liquid)
- Inventory system (unlimited stacks, hide/show quantities with TAB, hover to show titles/info, click drag & drop)
- Hotkeys for various HUD elements)
- Player equitable inventory for armor, boost, data/upgrade chips, 16 slot, 4 slot hot bar (1,2,3,4 keys to use)
- Items like chests with their own local inventory (8-16 slot), crafting station, worktable, forge, oven
- Day/Night cycle with lighting system
- Farming system, crops that can be planted, grown, and multiplied, the collected ingredients can be used to cooking recipes on the Oven!

Note: Npcs, quests/story, game world yet to be released, won't be in the first demo. Also, player XP and leveling system in progress, might make the first alpha release, but stay tuned as I'm actively tweaking things and want to get it right.

Check back for updates!

Screenshots (With comments/explanations)

In this screenshot: Player 1 (The little robot, facing right), stone walls, stone floors, wood fences, bushes, crafting table, bed, trunks (small), doors, HUD (HP, player/xp, 4 slot hot bar, ammo), cursor

In this screenshot: Open player inventory (16 slot), Open crafting station display with materials in the 9-slot crafting grid, metal material that crafts metal floor items

In this screenshot: Trees (wood spawners with cool-down and randomly generated sprite), equipped axe tool (craftable), open player equitable inventory (armor slot, boost slot, ship slot, ammo clot-- all of which hold equipable craftable items!)

In this screenshot: Liquid (animated
sprite), Stone spawner, coal spawner (both with cooldowns and animated, randomly generated sprites), garnening/farming plots with planted seeds, equipped blaster weapon (craftable), firing energy ammo (craftable)

In this screenshot: Lighting system showing white and colored lights, night time (day/night cycle), open inventory with cursor hovering over some recently harvested "Kehl" grain (alien plant), Player (the little robot) has a boost equipped, which shows on his character sprite as a glowing green energy rod!

- - - - -

Feel free to give initial thoughts and advice, Especially on my concepts and graphics, and once I update with a Demo, the gameplay and everything.

Thanks to this awesome program and community! :)