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Question - D&D Novice user. Quick question for those in the know...



With regard to mobile devices (particularly android and iPhone), does GMS2 allow access to the device's hardware, including the camera, the directory structure and other modules (GPS, Wifi etc)?

For example, if I was trying to make a game whose premise used an augmented reality interface, could I take input from the phone's camera, display it on the screen and then manipulate/overlay that picture with additional content?

Or even something more simple like being able to take a photo of the player, which they could crop/resize etc, and then add to their name when they appear on the high score table for example?

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GMS does not have native functions for these things... that's what extensions are for. Due to the ever changing nature of the api's and the fact that only a very few people require these kind of hardware functions, YYG have stated that they won't be adding this kind of stuff natively and so it's up to you to make it (or to buy 3rd party extensions from the marketplace).