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Portfolio - Art Novice Pixel artist looking for projects

Hello everyone,

I am a Novice pixel artist looking to add to my portfolio. I am, at the moment only interested in small projects since i have my own projects that i work on throughout the week. Here is some examples of my recent work.
https://imgur.com/xKUBLgC , https://imgur.com/KaEIxS8 , https://imgur.com/Xxkm7zR , https://imgur.com/wB5ZbcD , https://imgur.com/tQFMddD

I am mostly new to animation and can animate a few things but not everything. I have also learned a bit about game maker studio 2 and know my way around most of the engine.

If you got an idea feel free to email me at jonnjayden2009@gmail.com
or contact me via Discord @ Creativejon90#2182

Thank you for everyone's time!