Windows Nova Mare (post-jam edition)


~ Nova Mare ~
Post-jam Edition

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Welcome to the underwater world of Nova Mare! Visit the research facility at the bottom of the ocean and find the creature that legend speaks of.
Your colleagues that came before you managed to contain the creature, now it's up to you to do further research. If the creature will allow you to...

Post-jam Edition
This game was originally made for the Cosy GMC Jam 39 by me, with @TheSnidr joining later with the models and animations.
The original idea didn't get finished during the jam period and I continued working a bit more on this. This new version is the result of that.
It shows a more lively underwater environment, requires you to descend to the darkest depths of the deep sea bottom and actually fight the blobfish đź‘€
In this new version the blobfish animations now come to their full potential.


Mouse: control camera, look around
Left mouse: shoot
WASD/ZQSD: move forward & backward/sideways
M: toggle control scheme WASD/ZQSD
Shift: run
Control: duck (not actually of use)
Space: interact/advance dialogue/hold to skip dialogues
QE/AE: dash sideways (after acquiring the dash boots)

Crane controls are shown when standing next to the button

Coding by @Bart, modelling and animation by @TheSnidr
Water effect using @Xor's water shader, animated 3D models using SMF
All other models and collision masks created in Blender and exported using the Blender Exporter
Background ambience music and title screen music made with LMSS by Bart
All other sound effects and background music taken from Zapsplat (

Enjoy playing! Any feedback, comments, suggestions, ... you might have on this game are greatly appreciated!