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Nothing I do will show up as a preview


I have done almost everything to try and get sprites/objects to show up on gamemaker for Windows 10. I have:
-updated runtime
-restarted PC
-made new projects
-drawn events (only gotten text)
-removed avast
-made objects persistent
-changed background color
-run other people's demos (WHICH WORK COMPLETELY FINE)
What else is there to do? I've been stewing on this for so long and I just want to be able to figure out how to solve this, no youtube guide or forum post so far has yielded any reason for this happening



Forum Staff
Please show us your room's settings (particularly cameras/viewports), room layers' settings and the properties of the sprite you are trying to draw.


heh, just a long-shot: have you ever used GMS2.x before? If not, you actually have to DRAG objects into the room now - unlike the olden days where we had to add them via menu + click about.


King of Raccoons
I've tried all of these. I got a sprite to show, but the same process doesn't work for my other sprites
Do you have advast?


Forum Staff
Did you accidentally change the origin of the sprite to a couple thousands of pixels off the screen? If all sprites but a few work, it has to be something about these specific sprites. In the worst case, just delete it and re-import it.


Kazan Games
You may not have noticed, but Windows 10 also has an antivirus, Windows Defender, tends to disable it completely to see if it can compile... Also try to clear the GMS 2 cache.