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Mac OSX Notarized MacOS app "unable to find game"


I did the whole process of codesigning and notarizing a game .app for MacOS so I can distribute it outside the App Store. I've signed, notarized, and exported the game on my computer.

I confirmed that opening the original exported .app file works just fine, the game runs.

However if the app is uploaded as a ZIP or DMG to Google Drive, itch io, etc, then after downloading it and opening the downloaded game it always shows the following error message: "The application <name> can't be opened".

It works if I force the app to be executable via the command line:
chmod +x "/Applications/<name>.app/Contents/MacOS/<name>"
But I can't make every player manually run this command on the downloaded product, that would be absurd.

Any idea how to make this executable automatically when downloading the .app file? It's super frustrating.
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Ok, if I upload to itch io with butler it finally prompts for permission to open the app (good!). But now upon launching it crashes with:
Unable to find game!!
It also only gets to that point when upload a ZIP. DMG still doesn't work ("can't be opened"), which is the suggested workaround I saw for this issue.
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