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UWP NOT FIXED///Failure with XBOX LIVE Gamer Tag


Hello everyone, so yeah 1 the new update came around and now Game Maker 2.2 has ruined the code to retrieve the gamer tag ID on XBOX Live UWP export to XBOX ONE...yeah. So I made a simple object that is persistent and uses this code set on action - synchronize social - ...
if !xboxlive_user_is_signed_in()
if !xboxlive_user_is_signing_in()
global.GTAG = xboxlive_gamertag_for_user();

I used and carried over correctly the global variable global.GTAG to draw the Gamer Tag in another room with another object set on action - draw -...
draw_text(320,62,string("Gamer Tag: ") + string(global.GTAG));

The system tells me that it's not picking anything upo from the Gamer Tag acquire.
It used to work before the last update, what gives?

2. Also you guys at yoyogames have made my project game run so, so slow on the XBOX ONE and its not the game its something within. I've made a trouble ticket and have gotten no answer...it's been over 2 months. I purchased Game Maker 2 specifically because of the UWP export to XBOX ONE, I can't get a refund...

I'm losing faith in this, I'm about to give up on it.


YoYo Games Staff
YYG Staff
Please file this as a bug report and attach us a yyz of that simple test as well as your entire compiler log when building the project for UWP, and we'll look into it. Also let us know if that same code works on UWP on a PC.


Hello, so yup I fear I made the mistake not YOYO games...in order to use the XBOX Live Gamertag feature you MUST and I mean you MUST enter the Title ID and Configuration ID onto the Microsoft UWP settings on Game Maker or else your lack DEV credentials will not allow for the Gamertag to show up!!!