GML normal maps to JSON skeleton


What is the skeleton equivalent to "sprite_get_uvs" and " sprite_get_texture"?

I'm trying to apply some normal maps shaders to a JSON skeleton made from Spine, though I'm having some trouble translating functions.
Here's a piece of script code. It is what it would look like if it were a normal sprite, working.

var ind = argument1;
var norm = argument3;

if(sprite_exists(normal)) {
    texture_set_stage(u_normal_map, sprite_get_texture(normal, ind));
    uvs = sprite_get_uvs(normal, ind);
    shader_set_uniform_f(u_normal_uvs, uvs[0], uvs[1], uvs[2], uvs[3]);
} else {
    shader_set_uniform_f(u_normal_uvs, 0, 0, 0, 0);
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Spine skeletons use their own texture page. You could just create your normal map off that texture page and pass that to the shader. You would also need to pass in the rotations for each image to correct the normal map. What I did to get it to work was pass a third texture to the shader that maps out which images get the rotations. It's a lot of work to pull off.