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normal blend [Solved]

Hi, i have this problem that i tried to solve all day and i cant, the thing is i want to add an image to a surface, but
the problem is that the alpha of the pixels overwrite the others so the images have holes.
So i created a shader and try to blend this images in this way and i failed, the i look all over internet and tryed many diferents formulas but i just cant blend the images properly. So can anyone help me here? :D Thanks!
Wow the solution was so easy, THANKS!!

wait i have just readed this:

WARNING!: Not all blend modes are available on all platforms. Android, iOS, and HTML5 without WebGL enabled will not be able to display the following modes correctly:

  • bm_src_colour
  • bm_inv_src_colour
  • bm_dest_colour
  • bm_inv_dest_colour
  • bm_src_alpha_sat
and i need this game to run on mobile, does
bm_inv_src_alpha maybe cause problems too?
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