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Question - Code non_blocking_connection bug


Hey there,

I am using GMS 2 networking system to make an online game, but it fails to connect every so often, in a random manner.

I use the configuration:
network_set_config(network_config_connect_timeout, 3000)
network_set_config(network_config_use_non_blocking_socket, 1)

This is the message on console that appears when I try to connect (Again this does not happen all the time)

Starting GMS handshake for socket(0) at t=21103071
Socket(0): Waiting for handshake step 1 (have 126, need 18)
Socket(0): Handshake step 1 completed.
Socket(0): Waiting for handshake step 2 (have 228, need 12)
Socket(0): Handshake step 2 failed (format mismatch).

Is there any way to fix this? Thanks!