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GMS 2.3+ No video showing on cttVideoPlayer

Hi everybody,

Has anybody have trouble with cttVideoPlayer in the marketplace? I tried contacting the author but to no luck.
It worked on GMS2 but no longer works in GMS2.3. I tried loading the demo into a sandbox and there still was no
video feed.

Samuel Venable

Time Killer
I can give you the 64-bit Pro version in a private message if you need it. The non-pro version is the same thing but compiled for 32-bit on Windows which you can try in the meantime https://samuel-venable.itch.io/gamemaker-extension-collection

Supports Windows, Mac, and Linux just like the extension you were using.

Additionally source code is available for free in the extension files within a zip file. It can be compiled on an ARMv7 device so you can export video playback in games for Raspberry Pi.
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