No Name Game


Hi everyone
I create my first level for my no name game. I wonder if someone can tell me if the level is good for a first level? Take in mind that this game will be an hard game. At first I wanted to publish a desktop demo but I just have the license for mobile publishing. So, I just take screenshots and a video
Also I would like to if it good to put checkpoints in the level?
*** In the we have to go taking the key to open the portal. when the portal is opening, we have to return back at the portal**
***more description will be available soon

first image is with view and the second one is without view

Thank you!!!



For me the core mechanics don't look fun. I'd at least change the main character to a bird or sth that can fly which would make more sense. Personally I'd go for a chicken.


It is probably too hard if you can't complete it yourself. Maybe add a little something when you die instead of just restarting the game? Also, yellow on yellow doesn't look very good.


Character doesn’t look like it can fly when it flies. Some flight animation or different character. With a wing. Or even a jacket flapping. Make the first level easy. So people learn how to play first.

cool little game. Looks a little Christmasy.

Happy to help with your character sprite if you want. Looks like fun.


Hi everyone!
For my game I would like to create a story.
But I don't know what to choose between:
1- I tell the story before I start the game (like castlevania)
2- I make a dialogue game (like undertale)

I wrote a story with a dialogue

Once upon a time...two time...three...any time... A completely normal random person fell into a mysterious hole while running throught a forest.

player : p
hologram : h
p: humm!!!!Where am I?
...!!!Don't tell me I'm in this game...!?
hum..If a flower speaks to me I know what to do.
h: Welcome random human!
p: Ah...It's not a flower. So...I'm not in this game.
h: Please eat a pill among these pills.
p: Who the f**k start a discussion like that?
h: Please eat a pill among these pills.
p: Okay...I'm gonna it one of them.
h: This pill you just ate will allow you to jump endlessly.
p: naniiii!!!!

Thank for the feedbacks!


Maybe read a few story books as a study.. I'm sure it'll show you how characters are described and evolve over time.. as well as their wording and so on..

That Q&A sounds really awful .. I get the morphius reference, and the humor.. and the conversation portrays a character that's all over the place, doesn't have a cool head, dramatic, assumes to have table manners but in the same words shows otherwise.

Perhaps as a suggestion.. look at what the 9 or so personalities are as described by some psychologists, choose 1 and allow that depiction to be the stability of your character, from where imagine that as you did, the scenario effects the characters dialog..

The intro "once upon a time" seems to be short and unworthy of telling a player the history of your character, fell into a hole.. one imagines the hole is big or the character small, how did he fall in ? why is the hole mysterious ? A lot of books in my readings lend a hand to prevent the reader from straining themselves to imagine certain irrelevant things .. infact I believe a catchy story is one that prepares the reader in a sense as to ask a very particular question.. or to focus on particular aspects..

But I've honestly got no story telling experience or rather I haven't put in the effort to actually do a study on that field of game development just yet. So you could take this as a readers opinion rather than any form of professional opinion.