no more sub-forum Gamemaker Player ?


The new forums turned out to have no more sub-forum "GameMaker Player". Are there specific reasons for this fact ? Where want YoYo questions and suggestions related to the GameMaker Player see to be placed ?


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The GameMaker Player forum got so little traffic that it was deemed (at the moment) to be unnecessary. If you have an issue then use the regular tech support forum, or if you have a game then post in the WIP/Completed games forums.


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We want to avoid unnecessary boards and sub-boards wherever possible. We've started with as few as possible with the plan to expand as and if necessary. The support forums cover any need for questions or comments for YoYo Games specifically:

This is a community forum only. If demand for threads re: the player is seen to be large a dedicated board will be created for it.


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There's no longer a specific subforum for Player, but you can use the GM: Player prefix when posting in the above boards.